The art exhibition “Mahakaruna” – meaning ‘great(maha) compassion(karuna)’ in Sanskrit – includes etchings on linoleum and prints on hand-made japanese paper.

The drawings started from sketches made in different places with pencil on plain paper and emerged from thoughts and observations about human relationships, the relationship between man and his environment and the importance of seeing things globally.

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& a complementary video from the studio.

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Small works with acrylic and spray on canvas and video presented by Utopia in Supernova exhibition at La soiree de Votanique (Kastorias 37, Votanikos) from 19 May to 1 June 2014. The title of the exhibition refers to the explosion of a star at its death and the birth of a new solar system.

As Utopia comments: “Apart from the parallelism that each end is a beginning, it is also important that the social situation today or everyday problems we face seem small compared to those cosmogony events. Let’s not forget that we are part of this universe and that the house, the village, the city, the country, the earth, the sea, the planet is also part of its greatness.
Placing Supernova in our times, each star represents the contrast of light in the night and each blast the clear need for change and the creation of new life. ”

The videos shown have been created for the music of Hope Springs Eternal – member of which is the artist – and the album Supernova to be released in the coming months. For more information visit

View Supernovae I series below.